Westgate Ark, Prospect Place, Newcastle upon Tyne. Tel (0191) 2739555 

We are open 13:00hrs - 17:00hrs daily

(Evening homings may be arranged by appoinment only!)

Westgate Ark takes in stray, unwanted and feral cats and finds them the best new homes that we can!

Westgate Ark are looking to open our own low cost neutering clinic here soon! This is by far the best way of tackling the neglect and suffering of so many unwanted cats and dogs! 


If we can prevent the problem from becoming so big in the first place then we will all be better able to care for the individual animals that are abandoned or neglected!

To bring us closer to the stage of being ready to open as a specialised neutering pet clinic, our cats and volunteers have put together a spectacular calendar packed full of great photos of some of the cats helped here over the past year. 


Help the cats at Westgate Ark by buying and reselling our own stylish cat calendars featuring stunning photos of some of the loviest cats that we have homed.


Every calendar sold helps our Homing Centre!

Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Support our cats here!
Our own cat calendars, support our cats by buying here! (Non-year specific, so never out of date!)
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