When small cats roar!

When small cats roar! is the name of our campaign to get a local low cost neutering clinic for cats and dogs set up in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne.


The area contains a lot of poor housing, poverty and social deprivation with consequent high figures of animal abandonment, neglect and cruelty. We believe that the only effective way to alleviate this suffering is by helping everybody who has a pet to get them neutered for the very cheapest possible price! 


We currently resue, care for and home cats in the area but realise that although this undoubtedly improves life tremendously for those cats we can reach, it does not benefit other stray and abandoned cats or those grown up outdoors that have reverted to a feral lifestyle.


As most of the harm results from unneutered cats having more unneutered and unwanted kittens then we need to tackle this through easy access neutering which is cheap and available.

At Westgate Ark we are already part way to achieving this. We now have the building and a network of dedicated local volunteers in place. All we need to do now is to raise the money to pay for a vet for the first year so please support us in this by buying our calendars!

If you want to see the neutering clinic opened then please support it by buying or helping to sell our calendars or by donating here!

From our calendar

Cost £5 each, a delight to have and helps Westgate Ark to set up our own

low cost neutering clinic.


Why not grab extras to give to friends, family or colleagues?


Every calendar sold is a step closer to opening our own neutering clinic!

March Cat 'Leo' in the Westgate Ark Calendar
Purchase a calendar to collect
4.17 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Purchase a calendar to be delivered
4.17 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )


Help us achieve our own neutering clinic facility!

We need volunteers to help to sell our calendars and local shops, businesses and community places to help us promote and sell them! Please help us to help the small cats as the situation is crying out for for a not for profit neutering clinic! The small cats need our help and we need yours!

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