Winter cat photo competition winners

Laziest Cat category

Winner is no. 2 'Dexter sleeping' by Emma.

Cats in Action category

Winning entry is no. 2 'Spider cat' by Courtney

Cats Close up category

Winning entry is no. 6 'Buzz' by Peter

The Cat & Human Bond

Winning entry is no. 18 'Laura & her cat' byu Laura.

Kitten category

Winning entry is no. 4 (Untitled) by Christine.

Open category

Winning entry is no. 1 'Russian doll set?' by Paul

Thanks for the photos!

There were some great photos submitted! Some of these will be featuring in our universal calendar, coming out in January, others might be in our next edition in 2016. Our calendars can be ordered by emailing

and thanks for voting!

There were six different categories, Laziest Cat, Cats in Action, Cats Close up, The Bond between Cat and Human, Kittens and Open category.


Decision was made by votes cast online for each photo on our website!


In the Laziest cat category there was a fierce battle between entries number 2, 3 & 7. The initial count resulted in a tie with an emergency tie panel of three new voters called in to make their choices! This resulted in a further stalemate with an independent visitor at the open weekend event getting abducted and forced to make a sudden death choice. Eventually by a whisker 'Dexter Sleeping' stole the decision!

In the Cats in Action category the 'Spider Cat' absolutely swamped the votes in a massive majority!

The Cats Close Up  category, Peter's 'Buzz' entry was a clear winner with 'Foster cat Kitty and her baby' submitted by Elaine E. taking second place.

The Cat Human Bond category was dominated by winning entry 'Laura and her cat' with 'Minnie's moody selfie' coming in second!

The Kitten Category was a close result with strong entry no. 6 'Hendrix' submitted by Steve getting pipped at the post by no. 4 entry of one photogenic grey kitten!

The Open category was a clear two horse race, with Ron's delightful snap of Jaffa shirking on D.I.Y. duties marginally losing out to the 'Russian Dolls?' image. 

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