Cats & People Category

Entry No. 1

Loki & Stephen

Entry No. 2

Claire & Loki

Entry No. 3

Stephen & Loki

Entry No. 4

'You've dropped something down your bra there let me just check'

Entry No. 5

Henry looking very relaxed

Entry No. 6

Glen with Dexter asleep on his head

Entry No. 7

Never a nightmare when Horus is there!

Entry No. 8

Millie helping her dad decide what to watch next - puss in boots or felix the cat???

Entry No. 9

Princess Poppy

Entry No. 10

Rebecca and Furio!

Entry No. 11

Horus with his best friend

Entry No. 12

Steve with foster kittens

Entry No. 13

Cloppy, napping his human brother!


Entry No. 14

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