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Found cat in Walkerville/Wallsend

Can you ask of anyone knows anything about a lovely, black and white, long hair. He/she is on the Walkerville/Wallsend border. He invites himself into at least 2 houses and it has taken a couple of years for him to let us approach him. He is very shabby and he a few sore spots. He's a lovely cat and we'd consider taking him in, but we don't know if he has a home.
Please contact the Ark if you recognise this cat

Young female cat found 2nd May 2018 - NE4 6EE Summerhill Grove 

Young female cat found 2nd May 2018 - NE4 6EE Summerhill Grove 
grey and ginger tortoiseshell upperbody and face with pink nose, white under body and four white paws. very friendly.
07775701098 - Carine

Found in the Fenham area of Newcastle on 20/10/2015.


Is this your cat?, if so please contact us straight away on

Found by Newcastle College Campus, Sctoswood Road. Left with us on 06/10/2015.


This ginger cat has just been dropped off at Westgate Ark by someone claiming it to be a stray in distress that might have been clipped by a car. Certainly the cat has at least a main tooth missing!

This cat has apparently been found besides the Newcastle College Campus where he has been for some days.

We do not know if this cat belongs to anyone or not. The cat is micro-chipped but has never been registered, which means we have no way of tracing the owner, if there is one!

If you think you know who this cat belongs to then please get in touch with them or us straight away, as we would like them to reclaim the cat.



Creamy ginger and white male

wearing a black velvet collar

was found in the west end area


If he belongs to you, please call 0191 2739555

Thank you

Black cat of unknown sex found in carboard box on field

Has a little patch of white on chest and is wearing purple, pink and white zig zag pattern collar with a bell.

If this cat belongs to you please call 0191 2739555.

Found outside the ark 22/01/15

Ginger long haired tom

friendly, likes to sleep next to the window

Was found crying outside westgate ark

Does this cat belong to you? If so please ring 01912739555

Found in Cramlington _ January 2015

A kitten followed a neighbour home on Thursday 22nd January. I estimate that the kitten is between 4-6 months old. I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know if anyone has reported him missing so he can be returned home. I have attached a photo of him.

  a.. male un-neutered 
  b.. flea collar but no ID. 
  c.. ginger & white 
  d.. very friendly 
  e.. found on Silkwood Road, Cramlington, near to Eastlea Primary School.
Thank you.

Found confused and in the road yesterday in the Teams area of Newcastle  Found 09-01-2015


Older cat with sight problems. Black & white male. Blue plastic collar, no micro-chip.

Does this cat belong to you?

Black and white, 4-5moths old male kitten found at South Bank Staiths/Dunston/Teams at 2/3rd January.


No microchip. He has black collar.
Contact details:
Kasia 07810077495
Andy 07854131121

We found a straight at the bottom of our garden and we hope that you could put her on your website here are her detail:
We have named her snowy she is black and white mostly white she's a young female we hope someone could give her a home 
Contact details if any one would like to view her:mobile number:07572223891

Found in Moorside South, Fenham: Small grey cat with white chest and paws,wearing a black plastic collar with no identity disc. The cat, of a rather 
nervous disposition, has been around the area for some weeks and latterly 
sleeping in our garage. 
Anyone who knows anything about him (her?) could ring 
01912731464 where there is an answerphone. (Received 20-10-2014)

Black & white cat found on 13-09-2014

She's about 15 yr old, seen in sandyford area.

She seems really affectionate & lively at night. Obviously been someone's pet. Quite small in size.


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