Lost Cats (Recent)

Missing cat in the Cowgate/Blakelaw Area

Hi, I was told to send you a message on here regarding my mams missing cat. The lady told us that you would put something on your page regarding his disappearance. His name is Oliver but will answer to Ollie he is micro-chipped with up-to-date details. He is a grey & white tom cat. 11 months old. Any help at all is greatly appreciated
Thank you!!

Missing cat in South Sheilds 11/05/2018

Hi this is smudge, he lives at biddick hall south Shields, he has gone missing and lady seen Fri morning, he is male been neutered and micro chipped and will be 3 in Oct thank you x

Please contact Donna Storey on 07887783633

Humphrey-Missing from Gosforth since 18/04/18

Our cat, Humphrey, went missing on the night of Wednesday April 18th


He is a neutered long haired 4 year old male, chipped and with a grey collar with a name badge. He is black with a white chest and belly, four white feet and a white handlebar moustache that curls round to meet his left eye.

He has a tendency to get into places that he’s really not supposed to be in, so we’d be ever so grateful if you could check your garage and/or shed for him. He’s friendly, but a little timid. If you see him or find him, could you please let us know, and we’ll come and pick him up.

Many thanks.

Rick and Lorraine,

Wolveleigh Terrace,




Kali-Missing since 07/05/2018

Our 6 year old black cat called Kali has gone missing from Longridge avenue in Cochrane Park.  Last seen in the house in the early hours of bank holiday Monday (7/5/18)
She is really friendly, microchipped and wearing a grey plastic collar with a tag which has our phone number on.
We moved up from Essex at the end of March and only this week started letting her out in the back garden whilst we were around. 
We think she has somehow escaped through the front and are worried as she might still be getting used to the area.
She loves peoples company and her food so we are concerned that it’s been 36 hours with no sign. 
If anyone has information please ring me on 07882255724
Jeni skinner 

My cat, Tom has gone missing in the Garden Village Gosforth area, (photo attached). He is a 2 year old male with a ragged ear on one side, and a neighbour has reported seeing him with a poorly tale. If he is handed in please could you contact me?

Many thanks


Lost in the Hexham Area

2 year old, black male cat, neutered and microchipped. No collar. Lost in Wentworth Car Park, Hexham on Saturday 23 January 2016.

Our family pet cat went missing at 6:50am on the 12th January from the post code area NE27 0SD (Backworth).
He is a 7yr old neutered male tabby, very friendly.
He had a neon yellow reflective flea collar on, which had both a fish disc and a bell and is also microchipped.
I have included a picture in the hope he has been handed in.

My cat has been lost since yesterday (10/01/2016) he is a house cat who slipped outside and hasn't been seen since. We have searched the streets for him with no look.
His name is Zach he has a blue felt collar and is microchipped. He is grey and is around 6 years old and quite podgy. He was last seen around 2nd avenue in Heaton Newcastle.

My cat has been missing since 4/01/16 1:00am. He was last seen in the Shieldfield area. My cat is neutered and non-chipped, he's wearing a navy blue collar with a small bell. He's black and white, and he is a family cat. We all love him endlessly and are so worried. If anyone has seen him or has any information please contact us on; 07892918931.

Lost from Red Burn Park area of North Shields - Ginger male - Last seen early October 2015
My cat has been missing from Brahman Avenue, next to the Red Burn park and pub area of North Shields, NE29, at the west end of Waterville Road for 10 days now. 
He left our garden at midday on Wednesday November 4th and hasn't returned.
He's a neutered, non-chipped, collarless, ginger striped male with freckled lips and nose. He also has a very fluffy belly and a stripe on both of his front legs that aligns perfectly.
He is a beloved family pet who has brought us so much happiness and joy. We all love him and hate to think of him scared and alone at this time of year.
My number is 07925686927.
Thank you.
Leanne Thompson

Jake has been missing since 1st October. He escaped from his home at Blackhill, Consett, panicked and ran. This is his first time out of his home. We have done all the usual things to try and find him, without any luck.  He is about 18 months old, neutered but not chipped and his left ear is tipped. We have searched all local places but wonder if he has managed to get further afield that we first thought. He is very nervous (ex feral).
Adrian Flanagan

Black male cat called Moses. Short haired very silky. Has small white locket on his chest and currently has a small bald patch  on his right hand side near tail due to an injury. Neutered and chipped but doesn't wear a collar. About 2 yrs old.

Last seen:
Sunday morning 9am (25th October 2015) heading towards the allotments in Annitsford. Likes to hunt in the allotments and nature reserve just off the Windings in Annitsford. 
Normally comes home a couple of times in the day and  in the early evening for his tea and is locked in overnight but not since Sunday morning. Contact 
0191 660 9502 Thank you!

Missing from Bayfield, West allotment 31/7/15

I have attached a photograph of my cat marley.
He went missing either on or after 31st July 2015.
He has just recently turned 1 and he went missing from bayfield, West allotment. 
He has no color and is not chipped.
£150 reward for safe return.

Contact either 
Or 07796712659


Missing from the Arthur's Hill area - Tortoiseshell - 2nd July 2015

Missing from Rye Hill area of Newcastle - Female - Last seen June 2015


Maggie is 4 years old and black and white she has got two birthmark on the bottom of paws she is a indoor cat she went missing on Saturday night at 10clock In the ryehill area near Newcastle collage we live at 74 kirkdale  green ne46hx my phone number 07912114247 please help cos we miss her so much.

Missing from Westerhope area – Willow – fluffy black long haired Last seen 11/06/2015.


Our cat willow has been missing since 6:30pm on Thursday 11th June from Westerhope, Newcastle upon Tyne. She is a fluffy black long haired domestic cat. Microchipped and neutered but no collar(she would never wear one) she is 5year old, shy and nervous around strangers. Our neighbours cat attacked her and she ran off. 

She has never been out overnight before or not come back and we are really worried. I have a attached some photos and if you could get in touch on 07895429177 or 01914527070 if you hear or see anything. 
Thanks, Ashleigh 

Missing from Dunston area - Blondie - tabby female - last seen on May 27th


It is now nearly three weeks since our cat Blondie went missing on May 27th from our house in Dunston (Holmside,Horsley, Elsdon and Rochester Gardens part of the Knightside Estate, effectively cut off by the A1).


Blondie is female, neutered, approximately 2 years old. Fishbone tabby, mostly grey and white running to a little bit of light ginger on her chest if you look closely.  She has short white 'socks' on her front paws and longer white 'socks' on her back paws. She has 6 distinct black lines running down her forehead, green eyes.  Sadly she was not yet chipped (apologies as I know this makes things more difficult now).  She has an ever so slight kink in her back legs, possible from a slight injury as a kitten. She left us with a silver, reflective collar on, with a gold ID barrel attached with my address and mobile details inside.


Mobile - 07944574409 / vivwiggins@googlemail.com.

​​Missing from High street east, wallsend on the 7/6/15

Female ragdoll cat missing since 07/06/2015 around midnight, about 10 months old. Her coat is white and tabby and she listens to the name Misa. She has no collar as she's an indoor cat only. She can be very shy around new people.

If found please contact Gry on 07754528485

Missing since the 22/05/15.

Shadow is a 6-9 month old semi long haired female black cat who has gone missing from west farm avenue in Long benton.

If anyone has seen her or has any information please ring 0191 273 9555

Thank you


My cat Jeffy went missing 14th April 2015, completely black cat with a little slit in his ear from fighting. He isn't microchipped and had no collar. He lives in Forest Hall Newcastle (ne12 7an) and although he goes outside regularly, he always comes back throughout the day for food and cuddles. 
Thank you, Amy Wood
Tel: 07791911395 

Missing from Heaton - Dark gray cat - 2 yrs old - Last seen on 19/05/2015

Hi my gorgeous little cat went missing yesterday 19/05/15. She is 2 years old and has always been a house cat. She is a very muched loved pet and is sadly missed by her big sister and my little girl. She is called cookie and is very petite extremely playful and friendly. We are desperate to get this little one back last seen on whitefield terrace heaton ne6 at around 8.10 am in the picture she is the dark grey cat the grey and white one is her sister any information on her whereabouts and wellbeing would be apreciated 07780502161.

Missing from Low Waker area - Brindle coloured - 1 year old - Last seen late April


Please could you post details of my missing cat. She is 1yr old, been missing around 3 weeks now from Low Walker area. There were lots of sightings of her at first, but heard nothing in the last week.  She is quite shy and timid so will probably run if approached, but is quite distinctive looking as you can see. She is chipped and has been spayed.

Please contact Lisa with any info,



Missing cat from Lemington - Milliepuss - Grey & white - Last seen on 16/05/2015


My cat got out yesterday when I was carrying shopping into the house and hasn't come back yet. She went out overnight last week but was back first thing the next morning. 

I'm worried something has happened to her as its nearly 24 hours now,  and it's not like her to miss her meals. 

She is approx 14 years old, short hair grey and white with a black and white collar on. She is not chipped but is spayed. She is frightened of most things and not the friendliest cat. She walks with her head and tail down as if she doesn't want to be noticed. 

Paula 07825686599. 

Missing from Sandyford, Granville Rd/Helmsley Rd/Portland Mews area. Disappeared 17/05/2015

Black and white with long white whiskers and thick tail. Uneven checkerboard black and white mouth. Red collar.
Please contact 07951 784 339 if you find or see him.
Thanks very much, David

Missing from Jesmond - Shoes - Ginger male - Last seen on 01-05-2015


Two year old ginger tabby male with white paws and bib.  He has a white smudge on his upper lip, but there is no white on his belly.  He was last seen in Jesmond on Friday 01 May 2015.  He is very timid, so please don’t try to grab him or chase him, just contact me.


Contact details


Steve at steve@strouzer.co.uk

Phone 07787 770501

Missing from Dumpling Hall area - Izzy - Brown tabby - Last seen 29-04-2015


Izzy went missing at around 10pm on Wed 29 April. I reported it to several vets, shelters and shared on fbk but would be so grateful if you could keep her picture to hand in case any lost or injured cats are found. She is 11 year old, spayed and a brown tabby with black stripes, she's an indoor cat and could have only been out for 30 minutes before we realised. Since Wed evening we've searched the entire estate several times per day with no sighting. If you have any cats found around Dumpling Hall, Bells Close or thereabouts, please let me know.  07595184417

Missing, 9 year old neutered long haired black male, missing from Kingston Avenue area


Noodles is around 9 years old, all black, long haired, neutered, normally an indoor cat, very loving and friendly, went missing from kingston avenue area in walker ne6


If found please contact Stacey Manging on 07792309746

Thank you

Missing cat from the Bensham area - Sooty - Black queen- Last seen prior to 25/04/2015 


Sooty is a black, short-haired five year old queen, who has gone missing from Prince Consort Road in Gateshead
Her microchip number is 981000002892065
We'd be very grateful for any help in finding her.
Thank you. Peter

Missing from Walkerville area - Polly - black & white - half-persian - Last seen 18-04-2015


Polly, Cat missing from Newcastle, Walkerville area.

She went out last night and never came back.

Small, 20 year old, black and white half persian with a distinctive eye 
that looks like a jewel following a car accident when she was a kitten.

She is also deaf so may not respond to calls. Please help.

1 year old tom cat missing from whickham since 23/03/2015


His name is Bam Bam been missing from Whickham since 23/03/15. He is a 1 year old white/silver tabby with a short white stripe on his back. Very friendly, neutered but not chipped.


If found please could you contact Hayley Moran on 07960499773

Missing from the Fossway, Walker area - Ginger cat - 1 yr - Last seen 8/4/2015
Our cat Ollie has gone missing from our garden in Amberdale Avenue off the fossway in Walker, Newcastle.  He is a ginger 1 year old male cat. Ollie neutered, micro-chipped and was wearing a brown  collar with a bell. We haven't seen him  since the afternoon of the 8/4/2016. Any help in finding him will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks  Rachel Fenech  07954325363

Lost from Whitley Bay area - Murphy - Black & white - Last seen Easter Monday

I wonder if you could keep an eye out for Murphy..? He has only recently 
started going out on his own (since we moved to Whitley Bay), sadly on 
Easter Monday he didn't come home. He is friendly and quite vocal, with 
as much of a squeak as a meow! He was wearing a bright blue collar when 
he went out.
Last seen in back gardens around Hertford Close, Whitley Bay, NE25 9XH; 
photos attached

Many thanks Loz 07817 561005

Lost Bengal cat - Bensham area, Gateshead - Raptor - Missing since 10/04/2015


Our Bengal  Cat (Raptor) has been missing since yesterday 10/4/15 at around 2pm from the bensham area of gateshead.

2 yr old male, neutered and chipped 


please call 07787410966 or 07799893885 



Amanda and Jack

Missing from Lobley Hill area -Teddy -From -Last seen on 15-04-2015


Could anyone help me find teddy.he s two year old and he was last seen on wed 15april,lobley hill dunsto area of gateshead.any information would be greatly appreciated as I'm worried sick.thankyou

Missing since 8/04/2015 Cyril

Missing since 17th March from Newbggin by the sea.

1 year old male tabby cat called Tom.

Microchipped but not wearing collar


If found please contact Ian via email



Thank you

Missing from tynemouth since 12/03/15

Adult cat, tabby and white, male, neutered and micro-chipped, named Amber, very friendly and quite cheeky.

4 white paws, White chest, Little scar on his nose


If found please contact Tammie on  07856885846 or via email


Mising from Denton Burn area - Male tabby cat - Last seen on 03-04-2015

Hello please could you help me find my male cat Toby. He went missing from the Denton burn area on the 3/4/15. Toby has white paws and big markings on his back. He is 1 years old. 

My name is gillian. Contact telephone number is 07913819576. Thankyou 

Missing tom cat from Westlea - Seaham area -  Last seen 27th March 2015

Please would you keep a look out for my lovely boy who has been missing since Friday 27th March from Westlea, Seaham. I am desperate to find him, he is a very timid, gentle boy and it is totally out of character for him to go missing. Any information will be greatfully received. Please contact me on 07969513791.
Many Thanks,
Sheila Henderson

Have you seen Watson? Watson was last seen by his owner before christmas, but there has been a possibly sighting in the Heaton area in Januray. Watson is a 4 year old brown fluffy tabby tom with a bushy tail. He is neutered and friendly.

Please contact Helen Thomson  on 07891258060 if you have any information on Watson

Thank you.

MISSING CAT - HEATON, NEWCASTLE - ISOBEl  - Last seen 10-03-2015

Have you seen Isobel Artemis? Isobel was last seen at home (NE6 area) on Tuesday 10th March. She is 11 months old, neutered, and microchipped. She is mostly white, but with patches of Bengal/tabby, has a tabby tail, and a distinctive heart-shape of tabby on her head around her ears. She is very loved and very missed, and there's a reward for her safe return home. Please check your garage, shed, and other out-buildings in case she is trapped inside.

Please contact beckygiles@blueyonder.co.uk with any information.

Lost in Bedlington area - Lily - Brindle coloured - Last seen 12/02/2015

Lily has been missing since 12/02/15 which is out of character for her. She is chipped and spayed. She is a tortoiseshell and was last seen wearing a silver collar. 
Last seen behind the Spar in Bedlington and a possible sighting at Stead Land in Bedlington. 


Contact Westgate Ark

Lost from Lockhaugh-Thornley woodland area - black male, last seen 19/02/15


Button, our almost two year old black tom cat is missing since 19 February. He is chipped. Lockhaugh-Thornley woodland area.


Please let me know when you hear of him. 
Thank you,

Lost cat - Nuns Moor Fenham - Bengal - Feb 2015


Our male bengal cat went missing on February 5th from Nuns Moor
Road in Fenham.

He's 8 years old, chipped and neutered.

I would really appreciate it if you could get in touch if you have any
information. Candice Contact admin@westgateark.org.uk

Lost tabby cat - last seen in Lemingon area - 25 Jan 2015


22 year old male called Oliver answers to 'Oli'.

Went missing on the 27th january 2015


If found please contact Westgate ark

Thank you


Lost cat called 'BB' Large grey tom cat

He is a large all gray Tom with no distinguishing features (despite which, we think he's pretty handsome!) . He is neutered and chipped and doesn't wear a collar. He is an outdoor cat but has never been away for more than a day before. He went missing on NYE morning from our new house (it was only his 3rd day outside unsupervised). 

Personality wise he can be quite aggressive and skittish. Has a very loud purr and an odd habit of swallowing/licking his lips a lot. He's very vocal and chatty. 

My contact number is 07790014474 which I am happy to have on any websites/posters. Thanks again for your help. Lea

Lost cat - Fenham - Oliver - Last seen 5th January


I lost my cat, he left the house on 5th of January (205 Wingrove avenue,
NE49AE). He never been outside for such a long time, he usually was going
for 1 hour walk around the house and coming back, now it is been already
more than a week. Please help to find him.


Lost Cat - Tabby & white cat - Rosie - Missing from Blakelaw area - Last seen on 24/12/2014


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