Postcards from cats homed

Millie now six months old

Sent in by Juliet

Message from Mitzy

Mitzy the cat and Bella the dog have their beds side by side!

My name is mitzy! :) I was adopted on 2-3-15 (only 4 days ago!) Everyone
thought I might struggle in my new family as its very big and busy, but it
took me less than a day to feel at home! I'm so happy, and a big family
doesn't mean its scary, it means I get more cuddles!! There's some pictures
added of me and my new family, I particularly like the man, and there a
very loud little human, I know she loves me and she's very gentle! As well
as all these humans I also live with a DOG! Everyone was nervous
introducing us, but I put Bella in her place soon enough and now we are
friends and our beds are next to each other! Thanks for looking after me
westgate ark, I'm in my forever home now!


Mitzy with the loud little human child
Mitzy with dad and the human child

Rolly's first venture outside!

First venture out of the garden. It wore him out coz spent hours in and out during the morning cos he could and slept the rest of the day plum tuckered out. 

Helen K.

Millie now spayed!

Millie - Thanks to Juliet, her new owner!

Update on Millie, she had her op on Friday so no kittens for her... Been to vets for check up and everything fine and as you can see she is so relaxed and happy xx

Thea (Greek for Goddess)

To everyone at Ark, and especially to Norma to whom I promised pictures, thought I would send some pics of the nervous little kitten who was called Bobbie and is now called Thea (Greek origin, meaning Goddess-well you have to aim high!)

As you can see she is settling in nicely :o) She has now had her first vaccination, so the vet is happy with how she is doing, and she is enjoying plenty of attention  and cuddles, and seems happy to ignore the twenty quid bed I bought her, in favour of ours!

Thank you to everyone for taking care of her until we could give her a home...she is already an important part of our family


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