Westgate Ark Cat Homing Centre

Almost all visitors to the Ark are full of praise and compliments on our homing centre which they particularly find appealing due to the small scale intimacy and homeliness of the rescue & care operation here!

Westgate Ark is a Social Enterprise.


The Cat Homing Centre is for rescued cats and those whose owners have, for whatever reason given them up. We are not here to judge others and would rather admit, care for and find good homes for unwanted cats than to have them be abandoned or worse.

Our Facilities

Our Cat Homing Centre is situated at Westgate Ark, Prospect Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 6PH. The building is just off Westgate Road, right behind the Westgate Baptist Church.

We have converted this building from its previous use and made it an ideal temporary home for cats that need to find good homes.

Cat Housing Room One

All units contain plenty of space for a family of cats to exercise in along with its own sink, sleeping, feeding, play & litter tray facilities.
Mainly this room has been used for older cats but is liked by the occasional youngsters that have sought refuge there!

Cat Housing Room Two

This is known as ' the creche' and is the room we commonly use for housing unwanted or abandoned kittens!
The creche is very popular with volunteers, visitors & of course the cats and kittens that use the facility.

Cat Housing Room Three

This room is used either for a mother and young kittens or a family of older cats as needs require.
The multi-level cat house in this room has proved a winner with all the cats that have been cared for here.
Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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