Our Previous Residents

Tabitha - is a very sweet, petite cat. When she was about a year old she underwent surgery for a luxating patella (dislocated kneecap), but she has now fully recovered.

Ollie - is a favourite with a lot of our customers as he often likes to sit on their shoulders! He is the chief mischief maker, loves attention and will often pose for his photo being taken!

Sophia and Max - are mother and son. Sophia is the most independant cat here, preferring not to snuggle up with the others! It is sometimes difficult to tell them apart unless they are together!

Grace - is an all grey (known as blue) cat. She is very charming and likes to be everybody's friend.

Theo & Millie - are brother and sister. Theo is outgoing, but Millie can be more reserved - this doesn't stop her from being one of the favourites of our younger clientele.

Toby - is a very friendly cat. He has the longest tail, with a tiny white tip at the end of it. He likes to snuggle up with the other cats.

Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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