Vatnik or vatnyk  is a pejorative used in Russia and other post-Soviet states for steadfast jingoistic followers of propaganda from the Russian Government.

Editorial Note

Normally it is the policy of Westgate Ark never to be critical of others and to show respect for the views of all, even to those trolls who never hesitate to pour their personal vitriol all over the good work of others. However, in the case of the brutal invasion of Ukraine and the ethnic cleansing of its citizens,

no such objectivity or moderation for the evil perpetrators will be observed!

Putin Starves the Third World

WITHOUT ENOUGH FOOD, there is only hunger, chaos, and violence. Russian President Vladimir Putin not only knows this better than anyone, he has also weaponized it. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has deliberately disrupted the country’s wheat supply, triggering a global food crisis. Ukraine is the sixth-largest exporter of wheat in the world, and — by blockading Ukrainian ports, blowing up rail lines, stealing grain, and killing farmers — Putin has effectively taken about 20 million tons of wheat off the market. Global wheat production is about 850 million tons, so this is hardly enough to cause a global famine. But it is enough to cause the price of wheat to jump more than 60 percent already this year. In the U.S., where the average American spends less than 10 percent of their income on food, this will hardly be noticeable. But for people in the developing world, many of whom spend 40 percent or more of their income on food, that could mean the difference between eating and going hungry. High food prices have already had a devastating impact in poor nations, pushing 20 million people into starvation in sub-Saharan Africa alone, and sparking riots in Sri Lanka.

Walking the dog

Tatiana Chvalun, 70, walks her dog Buru past her residential building destroyed as a result of shelling last March 9, that killed 54 people, in the town of Izium, Kharkiv region on Feb. 26, 2023, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


(Photo by Anatolii Stepanov/AFP via Getty Images)

Survivor Cat

A cat that stayed alive during Russian army's attack in the Borodyanka area of Ukraine has been adopted by the war hit country's Ministry of Internal Affairs. This was announced by Anton Gerashchenko, the Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, on Twitter.

“Remember the survivor cat from #Borodianka? I was sent a happy sequel to his story! He now lives in the Ministry of Internal affairs, fed, bathed, and loved. He will participate in all important meetings, of course,” Gerashchenko said in a tweet, posting some photos of the cat.

Anton Gerashchenko

Animals including cats & dog suffer badly in Ukraine

In some former communities in the east of Ukraine there are now more pets left than people. Not that the the Russian state care about the animals, they have directly killed huge numbers from their bombing and so many more from starvation and destitution as a colateral result of their cruelty and heartlessness.

Cat killers to face poetic justice!

The Russians have had no hesitation in crushing the littles cats in Ukraine, along with their owners, but now it is their fate to face some of the bigger cats in Ukraine, let us see how brave these Russian marauders really are!

Long overdo, but at long last, the leopards are heading to the defence of Ukraine.

200 abandoned animals in a village in Kyiv region

Some of the four-legged animals were thrown out of cars, passing by, as if they were an unnecessary toy, and others were simply not picked up by summer residents after the end of the season. There were about 200 such dogs and cats in the country estate near the village of Rovzhi in Kyiv region.

It is several kilometres by land and 12 kilometres by water through the Kyiv Reservoir from the villages of Katyuzhanka and Kozarovichi, where for a month Russian invaders killed and held hostage the local population, controlling almost all departures from the villages. At that time, from the occupied villages in the direction of Rovzhiv, Ukrainian defenders organised a boat crossing for civilians across the reservoir.

While explosions rang out on the opposite bank of the reservoir, enemy helicopters rattled in the sky, and there were interruptions in the delivery of food to shops across the country, neighbours in the country gathered and shared food not only with each other but also with cats and dogs.

Credit: Olena Stavytska

Selling their souls to the devil!, but what exactly does the devil pay?

When even money and patriotism are insufficient to inspire Russians to sign up to fight in Ukraine, it’s time to bring out the big guns such as food staples. 

At least three Russian regions are promising to reward the families of new recruits with livestock, fish and vegetables since President Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilization of reservists two weeks ago.

The most generous offer to date comes from the Siberian republic of Tuva, which began a blitz of payoffs to every new soldier’s family last week. The rewards being handed out to the relatives of those enlisting include one live sheep, 50 kilograms of flour, two bags of potatoes and cabbage "in the required amount."

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