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Dory is looking for her forever home!

Dory was brought to us when a man was concerned about her safety, she had been hanging about his garden but he had a dog who didn’t take kindly to Dory’s visits and the dog went for her one day so his neighbours advised him to bring her here. We advertised her as a stray but had no luck finding a potential owner, she wasn’t spayed or chipped. After a week of her being here we noticed that she was eating more and her belly was getting bigger, oh great, another pregnant queen! She gave birth to two lovely kittens but now Dory is longing to find her forever home.

Dory is a friendly cat but can be temperamental at times, she’s a typical naughty tortie! She can get agitated when stressed but she is lovely when she’s in a calm environment. She really does hate other cats though, and with her being in a building with many other cats, she has found it hard to settle. She can be very on edge here at the Ark so we feel she doesn’t show her true colours as she puts up a front.

She likes to be stroked and will come to you for attention, but she will let you know when she’s had enough! Dory is looking for a home with NO other animals, and somewhere where she can go outside once she is settled in her home. Dory will need a home that is experienced with cats and has no young children.

She is currently at the centre so please come down and meet Dory.

Our Second Homing Centre is now open to visitors!


Cassie was taken in by a kind lady who took pity on her when she was found crying at her door.

The lady was very suprised when she came downstairs to find Cassie had given birth to two kittens! As she hadn't been a cat owner before, she approached us for help and we got them all to a fosterer the next day.

Justin, Cassies current fosterer says :-

She’s a friendly cat and is fine around the kids. She doesn’t seem to mind Gerard our other cat. Shes very playful and likes to follow you round the house to see what you are up to. She’s a little nervous if you move suddenly but her confidence is slowly improving

The new Homing Centre is called The Alley Cat Cafe, it is in Fenham, Ncle. You can have a drink while meeting the cats there.

The Alley Cat Cafe is looking for volunteers to help with cats & greet visitors!

We are open to guests between 12 noon and 6 p.m. every day.


Rosie was taken into our care when her owner was struggling to care for her and her 4 kittens. Her kittens have all been homed so now it’s Rosie’s turn to find that special person to take her home.

Rosie is a friendly little girl who enjoys being fussed over. She is about a year and a half old and has just been spayed and microchipped. She had access outdoors in her original home so she needs to be homed where she would get the option to go out once settled. She doesn’t like other cats so needs to be homed as the only animal in the home. Rosie would be a lovely to addition to the right home.

She is being fostered in the Fenham area so please get in touch if you’d like to make an appointment to meet her.

The Alley Cat Cafe is a Community Project set in the West End of Newcastle.

Mamma Cleo

Cleo is currently with her 3 kittens at a fosterer not far from Westgate Ark. This is what her foster mum says about her:-

"Stunning and sleek. A really beautiful gal. Typical female of any species though!!!.....likes chit chat, good food and company! She's bright and super sociable - gets on with everyone that comes to see her. Mostly she likes to sit nearby me and chill....a wonderful and comforting friend."

Cleo is 3 years old and has now been spayed, so is ready to go to her new home.

She seems not to be keen on young children (she stays out of their way), but may be OK with other cats. She lived with her sister previously, but has been a bit defensive with the fosterers cat, but that may just be her protecting her kittens.

Rescues pens can be sponsored by individuals or organisations!


Ulla is a 12-13 year old cat who had to be rehomed as she was becoming terrified of the toddler in the house. She had resorted to living in the kitchen which was the only room the toddler couldn't get into. She is a sweet, friendly cat but would do best in a quiet home.

Ulla has a thyroid condition requiring daily medication.

She is currently being cared for at a foster home in Gosforth

To view cats needing homes from the Alley Cat Cafe go to

Waffle, Pixel & Purdy

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to take on these 3 lovely kitties?
We were born under a bush beside a warehouse type place, our mum used to take us under a fence into someones garden, it was a great place to play and the kind soles fed us as well.
These kind people new there was a better life out there for us and phoned Westgate Ark to come and rescue us. We weren't at all sure about this, these big scary people.
But they didn't give up on us and eventually they got us all and our mum.
We weren't too amused, we didn't want them touching us. 2 of us (Waffle and Pixel) were caught first, we have decided that the attention we get is really quite nice, we still do get a bit twitched when they come towards us, but it's getting better. For some reason Purdie isn't quite as trusting, but she gets a little more confident when we are about, especially if we purr.
We realise there aren't many folk able to take on 3 cats, but if we are really really lucky, that special someone will see this and take pitty on us. ps if do make our day and give us a home, don't be disheartened if we hide away for a bit, we may be shy until we get to trust you.
If anyone feels they could save us from having to split up this trio, please contact us!

The Alley Cat Cafe is open 7 days per week from 12 noon until 6 p.m.

We are at 299, Two Ball Lonnen, Fenham, NE4 9RX.


We currently have many kittens available for adoption, most of which are with fosterers. If you would like to add a kitten to your family, please ring to discuss so we can organise a visit for you.

Cats can be viewed in the evenings by appointment!

Feral cats

We are always looking for home offers for feral cats. Feral cats aren't just strays, but cats that have had little or no human contact. We generally trap them from around the city and have them neutered and ear tipped. This isn't cruel, it just indicates that the cat has already been trapped and neutered.

Rather than putting them back on the streets we find these cats suitable homes, usually on farms/ stables/ smallholdings, where they can happily live outside, but have someone give a daily supply of fresh food & water and somewhere sheltered to sleep.

If you can offer a place for a feral cat please contact us!

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