06/05/2018 - Ark Cats for Homing 


Termi is ready for homing!

He was brought to us when a concerned cat lover was worried he had been hit by a car. Thankfully an x-rays revealed no breaks or fractures and on Tuesday Termi was given a clean bill of health by the vet.

He has been a stray for a number of years so we are looking for a home where he will have access outdoors. He’s not an overly affectionate cat but he doesn’t mind the odd stroke when he gets to know you. He seems to be fine with the other cats in his room.

We need a quiet home with someone who can do things on his terms.


This is Nemo who we believe has been homeless and living on the street for perhaps the past two years. He was unneutered when rescued, has a limp he has had dental treatment since being with us. He is quite frightened of people and does sometimes clout people if he feels threatened.


Kitkat has been at a fosterers, while she had her kittens. Her kittens all have homes to go to. Kitkat will be looking for her forever home once she is neutered. She is a very affectionate cat.

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