Ark Cats for Homing at 16/10/2017


Layla is not available for homing until 30th October 2017.


Kitty was brought into us as a stray and has been here the longest!

She was brought to us hungry, crying out in distress and had apparently been homeless for some time. Kitty does not like other cats at all, and although a little grumpy at times, she can also be very affectionate.

We are unsure of her age, but believe her to be about 4 years old as she is still very playful. She has been neutered.

If you can offer Kitty a patient and understanding home, please do contact us to discuss!


Please note that Kitty is now in a foster home, and any potential new owners are welcome to arrange a visit there. Please contact us to arrange a visit.


Maya was found as a stray, living under some decking with her litter of kittens.She is about a year old, is very friendly, and has now been spayed.


Smudge is a young male adult cat that we have had neutered. Sadly, Smudge started out his life as a feral youngster, that is one grown up without close human contact, and largley because of this he is quite uneasy with people.


A lot of hard work has been done with Smudge by a fosterer to get him to bond with people but so far only limited progress has been made.

Smudge will not allow himself to be touched by people but is very gradually becoming more relaxed around people and will not example choose to come quite close so long as he is not touched.


We think that Smudge is capable of further progress towards becoming relaxed with people, but that this will be very gradual in coming and would need to be with an experienced and patient long-term owner.

Although progress with such cats is often very slow and gradual in coming, big improvement can usually be seen when looking back over the years, with owners finding such progress particularly satisfying and rewarding!




Fred came to us as an un-neutered stray tom cat. He can be friendly & affectionate (escecially if you have food!) but will let you know when he has had enough attention. He doesn't seem too bothered about other cats, but would probably be best suited to a home without young children.

He has now been neutered and is looking for a new home.

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