Cats for Homing 13/04/2019


Holly came to us just before Christmas as a stray that a few people were feeding at a local Asda store and it turned out she was also pregnant.

All of her kittens have now been rehomed and Holly has been spayed and microchipped.

She is probably less than a year old and will need outdoor access. She it quite timid at first, so would be best suited to a quiet home without young children. Once she is settled she will happily sit and be stroked & cuddled for hours! Holly also seems to prefer the company of female humans to males for some reason.

She has lived with a small dog in her foster home without any problems, but would be best homed without any other cats in the house.


She is currently with a fosterer in the Newcastle area, please contact us if you can offer a suitable home.


Ellie came to us when her owner sadly suddenly passed away. She is 8/9 years old, has had outdoor access, is neutered and microchipped.

She would suit a quiet home without children or other animals, so would be good in an older persons home.

Ellie will purr as soon as you venture near her!

She is missing a lot of fur on her rear end, which she has seen the vet for. This is probably due to a flea allergy, so with regular flea treatment this should grow back.


Fluffy came to us when it was made aware to us that her and her mother were being given 'free to a good home' on a facebook site.

She is very shy and timid at first, but once she begins to trust you she loves nothing better than being fussed over!

She is about a year old, is fine with the small dog in her foster home, however she is wary of other cats. Fluffy would be best suited to a home as the only cat, or with a friendly, calm older cat.

She has now been spayed, and is currently in a foster home in the Newcastle area.

Lucy and Trixie

These 2 little cuties are the remaining 2 from a rescue from someones garden, they were at great risk of being killed by foxes. 
They are very playful, Lucy likes to tell you when she wants feeding or wants a game of fetch with her favourite toy - a bottle teat!! They have recently discovered that sitting on knees is quite nice.
These two are likely to be skittish at first with new people, but with patience should become loving additions to the family. They are about 7 months old. They would be best suited to a home with no small children or dogs, but they do like other cats.

They are currently with a fosterer in the Hexham area. 

Dot & Cotton

They are 9 month old sisters looking for a nice, quiet home. They can be quite shy at first but will warm quickly to you once they get to know you. They need an indoor only home, with no young children and no dogs. They have been spayed and so are now ready for the right person to take them home.

They are currently in foster care so please contact us if you’d like to arrange to meet them.


Bella is about 7-8 months old and has had a hard start in life. Apparently she was born outside, a kind lady started feeding her and slowly gaining her trust. It took a few months for her to be able to catch her and bring her into the rescue.

Bella can be quite skittish and a little bit temperamental. Ideally we would like to place her within a foster home to see more of what her personality is like. However, she has now been spayed and microchipped, so could potentially go to her new home if we feel it is the right one for her.

She will eventually need outdoor access in her forever home, would be best placed in a home without children, but she may be OK with other cats.

Bruno (available soon)

Bruno ended up with us when some of our volunteers were trying to trap a different cat. He was in such a sorry state that we had to admit him after he set the trap off getting some food.

He is having treatment for cat flu, and will need to be neutered once that has cleared up.

As he was found outside, he will need outdoor access.

He looks tough, but he is a big softie!

Feral cats

We are always looking for home offers for feral cats. Feral cats aren't just strays, but cats that have had little or no human contact. We generally trap them from around the city and have them neutered and ear tipped. This isn't cruel, it just indicates that the cat has already been trapped and neutered.

Rather than putting them back on the streets we find these cats suitable homes, usually on farms/ stables/ smallholdings, where they can happily live outside, but have someone give a daily supply of fresh food & water and somewhere sheltered to sleep.

If you can offer a place for a feral cat please contact us!

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