Ark Cats for Homing at 14/12/2017


Chestnut is a white and grey queen who is 2 years old. She is presently not neutered but she will be done before homing. She is an indoor cat. She is a very friendly cat that is ok with being picked up. Chestut loves to play with toys and sleeping at the bottom of your bed at night.

She is a little fussy on her eating as she seems to only like chicken flavoured food. The owner has only tried her on whiskers brand and therefore doesn't know if she will eat chicken flavoured food of another brand. She has had a feeding routine of dried food monday to sat and tuna on a sunday, but she will only eat the cheap tuna.

Although Chestnut is fussy on her food, i'd like to think she will be a little less fussy on her new owner.


Amber is a neutered q who is 6 years old. She is mainly ginger with a little bit of white on her chest. She is a very friendly affectionate cat and loves to be stroked and fussed over. She has got on with the neighbours dalmation dog, other cats and is fine with children. She is an outdoor cat.

Amber came in with Lola but her owner says they can be separated.


Lola is a black and white queen who is 8 years old, she is also neutered. Lola is a friendly affectionate cat but can be a bit timmid with strangers. She gets on with dogs and other cats, although we feel she may not be best in a home with children.


Henry is a white and black tom who is neutered. He was a stray cat that came in looking a bit dishevelled. After two weeks he is looking lots better with a cleaner brighter coat and his tats cut out of his fur. He is a sweet nautured cat that had no problem with us cutting his tats out.

He has just had a little hiss at the other cats in the ark so he may well settle with another cat, although we can only speculate on this.


Tilly is a 6 year old neutered and micro chipped queen. 

She is a very friendly cat but doesn't seem to like other cats.


Indi is a lovely tabby and white tom who is 2 years old. He has now been neutered, he is a very vocal cat who likes to be next to you.

Indi has a skin condition so he needs bathing in a special shampoo now and then, otherwise he is a healthy friendy and very sociable cat.

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