Ark Cats for Homing at 20/11/2017


Tilly is a 6 year old neutered and micro chipped queen. 

She is a very friendly cat but it is hard to say if she gets on with other cats as at the moment she still has one of her kittens with her so she is a little protective.


Doris is a two and a half year old tabby queen. She is neutered and micro chipped. She is a very friendly cat but it seems she can be a little domineering with other cats.

She gets on great with children.


Bella is a 10 year old queen, she is white and brey. She is a very loving cat who settles in to new surroundings quickly.

She is not keen on dogs as she has lived with a small dog but just kept out of its way. She gets on with other cats as she came in with bilbo but as they are not close can be homd separately. 

She is just an easy going cat that will fit into most homes. She does go outdoors but she doesn't stay out for long.


Bilbo is a tabby and white semi long haired tom who is 5 years old, he is neutered and microchipped. He gets on with small dogs and even used to curl up with the dog. He can be homed with children and gets on with cats as lived with Bella.

Bilbo loves to be outdoors and can sometimes stay out all day and come back in of an evening.


Nina is a grey and white queen who is 3 yers old. She is neutered and gets on with other cats and children alike. She is an indoor cat who came in with Indi.

She is a pleasant natured cat who comes to meet new people really quickly.


Indi is a lovely tabby and white queen who is 2 years old. She is not neutered as yet but we will spay her before homing. She is a very vocal cat who likes to be next to you.

Indi has a skin condition so she needs bathing in a special shampoo now and then, otherwise she is a healthy friendy and very sociable cat.

Indi came in with Nina and we would very much like them to be homed together, so we are looking for that special person and home.


Tye is a neutered black and white tom who is 3 year old indoor cat.

He is a very friendly cat who is fine with being picked up.

He gets on with other cats and children.

Tye and Ryden have had a couple of years living together so very much get along but seem that close so for now are concidering homing them seperate.


Nova is a black un neutered queen of 11 months of age, she will of course be neutered by us.

She is a really cuddly cat who is very affectinate. She is absolutly fine being picked up and gets on with other cats and children.

She has been an indoor cat so far, but due to her age she will be able to be an outdoor cat as she is just young enough to learn road sense, so you have a choice with this little lady.

Nova came in with Tye and Ryden and has had a little bullying from Ryden she seems to get on well with Tye.


Jessy is a black and white queen who is two and a half. She is neutered and microchipped. She is an indoor cat who is fine with being picked up.

Jessy is ok with other cats but she is not that good with dogs and children.

She is a friendly cat but is an independant cat who loves her own space.

She would be best suited in a quiet home where she can do her own thing in her own time.

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