18/06/2018 - Ark Cats for Homing 

Jaina and Arthas (Arthas is reserved)

Jaina and Arthas are two of our newest arrivals at the Ark. They are still a bit shy and unsettled as they’ve only been here for a few days but here is what we know about them so far.


Jaina is 8 /9 year old tortie queen who has a little bit of an attitude (is she going to be a naughty tortie we wonder?), she has been friendly with most people but took a bit of a disliking to Rachel this morning. But we will know more about her temperament when she’s settled in better.


Arthas is a 7/8 year old big tabby tom who is taking a little longer than Jaina to come out his shell. So far he’s been hiding away most of the time so far but if you give him attention he does enjoy it and lets out big purr. We’ve been told he has a love of string and cables so care needs to be taken not to leave thing out that he could swallow.


They tolerate each other and don’t seem to seek each others affection out so they can be homed separately or together. We do think Jaina would need to be homed with out others cats as she really doesn’t like the cats she’s seen here. They have both been indoor cats all their lives so would be suited to an indoor only home.


Emma was brought to us last night when her owner died and we were told the family had no other option than to put her to sleep if no rescue could accept her.


Emma is a very sweet lady who is around 14-16 years old. She is very friendly and likes her food, she was clearly well looked after in her previous home! She really doesn’t seem to like other cats and we’ve been told she wouldn’t get along with dogs.


Emma would suit a quiet home, maybe with someone retired who can give her plenty of attention.

Joe and Maurice

Joe and Maurice are looking for a home together.


They are a friendly pair of brothers who are 8 months old and ready for homing. We don’t know a lot about their history but they were brought to us because their owners were emigrating and the home they had found for them fell through. As they are so friendly we think they would be suitable in a home with children. They are in a foster home right now and can be met there but we will be looking to bring them in to the centre as soon as we can.


Thor has really surprised us as we thought he was feral when he was first brought in but he has well and truly proved us wrong! I can’t sit down without him trying to get on my knee! He can be a bit unsure of new people and may swipe at first but once he gets used to you then he can be very loving.


Thor was brought to us because he was extremely aggressive towards some of the cats in his area, he has been neutered by us which we hope will calm his aggression but we have no way of knowing for sure. For that reason we are looking for a home without other cats and somewhere where he can still get outside but preferably somewhere that doesn’t have many other cats in the area (a secure garden or catio would be perfect!).


Please contact us if you’d like some more information about this big lad.


Nemo is back at the Ark and is looking for that special someone to take him home. He has come such a long way since he was first admitted to us!


He has spent the past few weeks at a fosters home where he really settled down and enjoyed his time there. Unfortunately, he had to be brought back due to the fact he started spraying and marking his territory after he was allowed into rooms where the fosterers own cats were. This never happened when Nemo was in his own room without other cats so we believe it is purely a territorial thing and not something that he would continue doing when he is settled in his own home.


Nemo can be friendly at times, he likes to rub against your legs and he’s even sat on his fosters knee! He can still give the occasional swipe but if you read his body language he will give you the warnings to tell you to stop. He needs a home that is experienced with cats and definitely needs outdoor access as you can tell the poor lad is getting very bored here!



O’Mally is a 3 year old tom looking for his forever home.


O’Mally was a stray cat being feed by a number of people in his street, a kind lady took him in at Christmas but unfortunately her cats wouldn’t settle with him and poor O’Mally got bullied.


He is a playful cat and gets on with other cats as long as they get on with him! He does like cuddles but doesn’t go on knees much. He would have to be on a dry food diet as wet food seems to upset his stomach.

Please let us know if you’d like to visit O’Mally, he is at a fosterers house but he is ready to be homed!

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