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Pilchard & Sox

Pilchard & socks are two half Persian brothers. They are 10 years old, and need to be rehomed together.

They came to us after their owners thought it unsafe to have them in their home with their young baby.

They have been well looked after, have been neutered and microchipped, and have no known health issues. 

The two boys have been indoor cats, are extremely friendly and chilled out - they are fine with other cats and dogs, but would be best suited to a home without young children.

Their new owners will need to be prepared to groom them on a regular (daily) basis, as their fur is extremely thick and will be prone to matting.

As these boys are half pedigree, the homing fee will be slightly more than usual. Please contact us if you would like to visit them.

Our Second Homing Centre is opening to visitors for homing from 20/09/2019

Louis (LuuLuu)

Louis came to us un-neutered after being involved in a fight with another cat in his household. Since being here, he has been neutered and been fine with seeing other cats in the same room as him (however they have all been female! He likes to chat, chirrup and trill to them!).

He was quite reserved at first, but has come out of his shell over the last few weeks and seems like a gentle, lovely tom.

Louis is 2years old, has been an indoor cat and has now been neutered and microchipped. He is all ready to go to his new home.

The new Homing Centre is called The Alley Cat Cafe, it is in Fenham, Ncle

Rio and Nessy

Rio and Nessy are two 7 month old sisters. They are very close to each other, so need to be rehomed as a pair.

They came to us as their previous owners had a house inspection and were told they would be evicted if they didn't get somewhere else for the cats.

They are good with children, have been spayed and are ready to go to the right home.

They have so far been indoor cats, but are young enough to be let outdoors.

As the Alley Cat Cafe you can meet the cats to be homed over a hot drink!

Tilly and Hilder

Tilly and Hilder are the remaining two kittens of Luna who was recently rehomed from the Ark. They also need to be rehomed as a pair.

They are 4.5 months old and have both been spayed.

They are both sweet, clean kittens, and are currently with a fosterer. Please contact us if you would like to arrange to meet these two girls.

The Alley Cat Cafe is looking for volunteers to help with cats & greet visitors!


Snuffles was rescued from a dirty back street in the Westend. She had really bad cat flu symptoms when we caught her, which left untreated would have most likely killed her. She could hardly breath through her nose and both eyes were infected, her right eye was really bad at times. She needed many courses of eye drops and a few different types of tablets to get her back into good health. She may have relapses in the future, but right now she doesn’t need any treatment.

Alix fostered Snuffles for around 4 months :-

"I gained a wonderful bond with her. She can still be skittish with people she doesn't know but she will let strangers touch her. She will let me pick her up but isn't too keen on letting others hold her yet. She liked to jump on top of the pens and roll about on her back while giving me lots of kisses/headbutts. She will let you know when she’s had enough attention by giving you a little nibble(she’s not vicious! She just doesn’t have any other way to tell you to stop)."

Snuffles will need a quiet home with someone who has the time to bond with her. She needs a home without children or other animals. She is being fostered right now so please get in touch if you’d like to make an appointment to meet her.

The Alley Cat Cafe is a Community Project set in the West End of Newcastle


Tinkerbell we think is about 2 years old and came to us with a litter of kittens.

This is what her fosterer says about her :-

"She’s not quite a lap cat yet but she’s very affectionate and is happy to be picked up and cuddled. She likes company and enjoys sitting next to me and “chatting”!
She will make someone a super pet- she’s really beautiful and has a lovely nature. "

Tinkerbell still needs to be spayed (and microchipped) before going to her new home, but we can arrange a visit at her foster home in the meantime.

Rescues pens can be sponsored by individuals or organisations!


Mitska is a very sweet, affectionate 2 year old cat who loves attention.

She came into our care when she became pregnant with her 2nd litter of kittens.

Mitska has been a cat who has had outdoor access, but stays in most of the time. She has now been spayed, microchipped, tested (negative) for FIV and FELV, and is ready to go to her new home.

We are unsure how she is with other animals or young children, but was unsettled when she arrived at Westgate Ark when she could see other cats in the room.

If you would like to meet her, please contact us so we can arrange a visit with her fosterer.

Alley Cat Cafe needs partners from business & communtity groups.


Ulla is a 12-13 year old cat who had to be rehomed as she was becoming terrified of the toddler in the house. She had resorted to living in the kitchen which was the only room the toddler couldn't get into. She is a sweet, friendly cat but would do best in a quiet home.

Ulla has a thyroid condition requiring daily medication.

She is currently being cared for at a foster home in Gosforth

To view cats needing homes from the Alley Cat Cafe go to

Waffle and Pixel

Waffle and Pixel are two youngsters that need to be rehomed together - as you can see, they are extremely close!

They were born outdoors with no human contact for the first few weeks, so were slightly feral when they first came in.

They have made a lot of progress since they arrived, but will need a special, understanding home to go to. They are still skittish with loud noises and new people, but once they get to know you will happily have cuddles and will purr for you.

If you think you can offer these two the home that they need, please contact us.

The Alley Cat Cafe is open 7 days per week from 12 noon until 6 p.m.

Cats can be viewed in the evenings by appointment!


We currently have many kittens available for adoption, most of which are with fosterers. If you would like to add a kitten to your family, please ring to discuss so we can organise a visit for you.

Feral cats

We are always looking for home offers for feral cats. Feral cats aren't just strays, but cats that have had little or no human contact. We generally trap them from around the city and have them neutered and ear tipped. This isn't cruel, it just indicates that the cat has already been trapped and neutered.

Rather than putting them back on the streets we find these cats suitable homes, usually on farms/ stables/ smallholdings, where they can happily live outside, but have someone give a daily supply of fresh food & water and somewhere sheltered to sleep.

If you can offer a place for a feral cat please contact us!

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