All cats homed by Westgate Ark are homed at our sole discretion. When homing a cat we aim to place the cat as closely as possible to what we believe to be an ideal home for that cat.

No offence should be taken where a homing offer for a particular cat is declined in any particular case. Sometimes we may be aware of issues not known or appreciated by others. Perhaps we may err on the side of caution, or even get it wrong! However our primary duty is to do our best for the cats we place, and also to other encumbent household pets.

We will not home a cat to someone if we suspect that whatever the prospective new owner want, we reasonably fear that placing another cat into the household might ruin the quality of life of any pets they already have.

We can make NO definitive undertaking or representation as to the age,  health or background of any cats rescued by us.

Please remember that we are NOT any sort of qualified vet professionals, but are just caring people trying to do our best!

We always try to allow a brief trial period of up to fourteen days when homing adult cats, but after this time period has elapsed we can't normally accept cats back in at future dates. Neither can we undertaken liability for future veterinary issues.

Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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