Homing Policies

Westgate Ark does not breed cats!


We take in unwanted and abandoned cats and care for them until we can find them loving new homes.


Where a cat is feral we will endeavour to find the cat a home on a farm or stables where the landowner is willing to feed the cat daily and watch over them.



All cats or kittens homed by Westgate Ark will either have been neutered or will be subject to strict neutering conditions. These must be honoured!

Home Checks

Any cats rehomed by us may be subject to home checks before homing can take place.


The purpose of such checks is simply to ascertain the suitability and compatibility of the home offered for the kitten sought.


No offence should be taken where we do not feel that a particular cat would be best placed in a particular home. 

Trial Periods

If you are considering taking in a rescued cat but have other animals and are unsure how they will mix, then we are happy for you to take a cat on a trial basis. 

Micro-chips, Collars & Safety 

Having taken a cat into your home, it is essential that you take steps to ensure your cat can be traced back to you if lost.


Cats which have been rehomed are more prone to losing their way home than a cat who has never lived elsewhere.


Identity chips are excellent, though you should still use a name tag collar with your phone number on as not everyone will have access to a scanner.


A collar and name tag on a new cat should be a priority.


If you leave it until you intend to let your cat outside, your cat may be left without a means to be reunited with you if accidentally escaped through an open door or window. 


A rehomed cat should always be kept inside for some time before being allowed outside – this is because cats are more orientated to places rather than dogs are to people, so need time to establish links to their new home. 

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