Westgate Ark is currently offering only a very limited service due to serious long-term health issues and retraining of its two main volunteers.

We are hopeful to be able to return to a fuller service again from June 2022.

Thank to some of our wonderful fb supporters the cats at the Ark now have 'hot spots' in each room from donated hot water bottles which we keep topped up every morning and evening. This will help them get through the cold winter months!

Armondo & Storm

Armondo & Storm are still in our isolation facility battling with the respiratory infection that they were rescued with, but both are eating well and are full of beans! They love playing especially chasing balls and string toys.


Armondo is still having trouble breathing but we are hoping that he should start to improve soon. Despite his breathing problems is a happy little soldier who purrs like a steam engine at being fussed and is always ready to play. The little girl is calming down nicely and although still reticent at being handled she too will now purr away within minutes of being cuddled. She has now also discovered the joys of play!

This is one of three kittens born to an unspayed full feral mother who has been living in someones backgarden, along with other backgardens, for over a year.

These kittens are about ten weeks of age and this kitten is the first of the two surviving kittens to be caught. 

It is a shame that we only learnt about them today as the formative period for domesticating kittens is between four and seven weeks so really now the process of taming them to be fully suitable for homing is an uphill task!

The Westgate Ark rescuer is now off to rescue the second of the two surviving kittens! When brought back to the Ark the kitten will for now be put with the first kitten rescued, this will allay some of their stress at being caught and brought into the human world!

Great thanks to the wonderful vets, nurses and staff at the Backworth branch of Moorview Vets for their care and attention the these two feral youngsters!

These younsters are now on medication and are slowly on the mend! If you would like to help sponsor their veterinary treatment, their anti-parasite products or to help contribute a small amount towards the running costs of the rescue centre then please click on our paypal button or download and return our standing order scheme form. A very small amount on a regular basis is the most helpful contribution!

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