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                                       Pip Is Now Reserved



Wormers suitable for Pip and her kittens.


Pip's kittens havee now safely reached the two week old mark and are thriving. Their eyes are open, they are all filling out nicely and seem to be developing well!

Pip is now the proud mother of kittens. So far the kittens seem to be doing well, but they have a long and precarious path ahead before they reach a stage of comparative safety with their own functioning immune sytems and bigger body mass.


Pip is a very relaxed mother who has obviously been through all of this before. As soon as the kittens are weaned, we will be arranging for Pip herself to be spayed so that this will be her last litter.


Though kittens are alway in demand, they deprive unwanted adult cats of the chance of getting homes.


Pip like Pudding, enjoys the food kindly donated by Eli, but she also has a use for the cardboard box it came in. It should make a good disposable birthing box!

When you go find Pip this is typically what you are likely to find!


How did that escape from a secure room?


Then look more closely and she will be there somewhere.

The close up view!


One very shy cat .......


but she is open to bribes!



Pip is gradually becoming more relaxed

and less frightened with every day that goes by.

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