Climate Change

BP welches on climate changes promises in order to make more dirty money!

Energy giant BP has reported record annual profits as it scaled back plans to reduce the amount of oil and gas it produces by 2030.

The company's profits more than doubled to $27.7bn (£23bn) in 2022, as energy prices soared after Russia invaded Ukraine, came as the firm scaled back plans to cut carbon emissions by reducing its oil and gas output.

The company - which was one of the first oil and gas giants to announce an ambition to cut emissions to net zero by 2050 - had previously promised that emissions would be 35-40% lower by the end of this decade.

However, on Tuesday it said it was now targeting a 20-30% cut, saying it needed to keep investing in oil and gas to meet current demands.

The 'R' words



Global warming is projected to commit over one-third of the Earth’s animal and plant species to extinction by 2050 if current greenhouse gas emissions trajectories continue — a catastrophic loss that would irreversibly reduce biodiversity and alter both ecosystems and human societies across the globe. In fact, more than a million species may be at risk of future extinction due to global warming, and we’re already seeing the first extinctions.

Eco Funeral

A Guide to Water Cremation

Also known as Resomation, Aquamation, or Bio Cremation, here’s what you may want to know about how flame-free cremation works and where it happens. 

Alkaline hydrolysis, also known as water cremation, is an alternative form of cremation that does not involve flames. It is available as a funeral choice in Canada and some parts of the U.S., but it is not yet available in the U.K. although plans for the first water cremation facility are currently under discussion.

What is alkaline hydrolysis?

Alkaline hydrolysis is a process that breaks down the body’s tissues, leaving the person’s bones, which are turned into a fine and very white “ash.”

Resomation, Aquamation and Bio-Cremation are brand names associated with the process, while water cremation, liquid cremation, flameless cremation and green cremation are all terms used to describe alkaline hydrolysis.

Victim of Climate Change

Ice-busting storms and warmer waters fueled by rising temperatures are diminishing the ice cover that harp seals need to survive during their first vulnerable weeks of life. Without thick, solid ice expanses, seal babies drown or are crushed by broken-up chunks of ice.

Did you know?

Transport has become the largest emitting sector of the UK economy, accounting for 

28% of UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2017. 

How do the cost, time and carbon emissions of a single journey from London to Amsterdam by plane, compare to travelling by train? (Assumptions: the start and end location are the main train terminal in the centre of each city; travel costs are for the cheapest advance tickets bought in advance and include all connecting journeys; carbon emissions are calculated using UK government greenhouse gas emissions factors for short-haul flights, ferry and international rail travel.) 

Reducing Energy Use & Bills

Small changes to your behaviour at home will help you use less energy,

cutting your carbon footprint and your energy bills:

Put on an extra layer and turn down the heating a degree or two.

Turn off lights and appliances when you don’t need them.

Replace light bulbs with LEDs or other low-energy lights.

Make simple changes to how you use hot water, like buying a water-efficient shower head.

Go further

Make sure your home is energy efficient. Check the building has proper

insulation, and consider draught-proofing windows and doors. If you are in

rented accommodation, lobby your landlord to make sure the property is

energy efficient.

Switching energy supply to a green tariff is a great way to invest in renewable

energy sources – and could save you money on bills too.  

Cutting Consumption & Waste

Everything we use as consumers has a carbon footprint.

Avoid single-use items and fast fashion, and try not to buy more than you need.

Shop around for second-hand or quality items that last a long time.

Put your purchasing power to good use by choosing brands that align with your new green aspirations. 

Try to minimise waste

Repair and reuse.

Give unwanted items a new life by donating them to charity or selling them on.

Avoid wasting food.

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