Volunteering at Westgate Ark

Feeding, Cleaning & giving meds:


Cats may be here for several weeks before finding a home and often forge close bonds with regular volunteers and look forward to their visits.


The volunteers are what make the days brighter for the cats until they can get a home & family of their own!

Homing Centre Volunteer duties:


Interacting with the cats, feeding, cleaning, dealing with enquiries, showing clients around, shopping for supplies, etc.


Also sometimes going out on rescues, homings, veterinary runs, as well as contributing ideas towards the future operation of Westgate Ark!


Here Wendy spends quality time with the cats.

Cat Cuddlers:


The most important help we need is people to spend time sitting with our cats and kittens to interact with them and get them used to and confident around people. This process of socialisation is of the utmost importance as a lack of ease around people may ruin a kittens chances of getting a happoy home for life! Cat cuddling can be done on a regular or irregular basis.



Our fosteres look after cats and kittens short-term in their own homes.


Most commonly, rescued pregnant queens, mothers with young kittens, feral kittens needing socialising, & orphaned kittens.


Here is a stray young mother cared for from rescue with a single one-day old kitten is now up for finding a good permanent home two months later. 

One in a million!


One of our best serving volunteers, has been working with our rescued cats in so many different ways from scaveging for supplies to cutting up the rags that we so desperately need for the constant cleaning!


Ever popular with cats he does especially like to amuse the kittens.

Other help wanted at Westgate Ark :



Help with organising fund-raising events at the Ark is important to ensure our cats get verythging that they need and also to ensure progress towards our long-term goal of opening our own neutering clinic on our premises.



We need people with transport to aid us in occasional vet runs, rescues, homings, feral trapping and other things.



From time to time we need help from people with special skills such as business experience, trade skills, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please do get in touch!


It is not necessary to do long hours, even an hour or two on a regular basis can make be enough to make a difference!

Volunteers currently sought!

Persons to help with cleaning & feeding! 

We need volunteers for Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursday mornings.

Cat Cuddlers!

Needed for afternoons daily (from one hour upwards).

Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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