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Opening Hours

Monday to Fridays 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
10 a.m. until 5 p.m. (for cat cuddlers & donated items)
11 a.m. - 4 p.m. (for homing)
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (for cat cuddlers & donated items)
11 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. (for homing)

Room One



The Ark consists largely of four rooms inside, this is Room One.



The rooms are not very big but they are clean, equiped for cats and provide the cats a safe and secure enviroment.


At the Ark we try not to mix up cats from different households or family units. This is not just to avoid stress or aggression in the cats, but most importantly to avoid possible transference of germs or infection.  



Over the years Westgate Ark has been a temporary respite for large numbers of cats who have gone on to get many great homes with loving and caring new families.


The Ark is an independent cat refuge based in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It is fitted throughout with specialist flooring which is far more hygenic than carpets when it comes to the temporarry housing of successive rescue cats. 




The Westgate Ark would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters who have helped make the Ark such a wonderful place. Especially those who have contributed supplies and have offered love, care and a home to our cats! 




Room Two




This is Room Two at Westgate Ark. 


Room Two contains it's own sink, storage cupboard, archchairs, climbing frames, hooded trays and of course a toy box.



Each room at the Ark has climbing frames for the cats. These are always popular with adult cats who often like to lie down up high on them.



The climbing frames are especially appreciated by youngsters who like to explore, play and sleep on the frames.


Here the mother cats gets some peace on a differentn level while still keeping a watchfulo eye on her brood.

This room  has two specialist pens which are mainly used when we rescue pregnant feral queens or stray mothers with young nursing kittens.

The pens which are each six foot wide have double door systems. This allows feral mums to remain deep inside the pens feeling safe and hidden, while the youngsters come out to play and become socialised.




Once kittens reach a certain age they spend less time with their mothers, who are normally quite content to keep an eye on them from afar. 

The youngsters prefer explore, play and huddle up together for sleep and warmth at night, often  spending little time with their mother other than for milk.


The Ark is a great place to choose a cat or kitten because you can sit down with them in a relaxed environment and observe and interact with them. The Ark does NOT BREED kittens, all are rescued and we neuter, neuter & neuter....


Any kittens homed from the Ark are strictly homed on condition of neutering, vaccination and micro-chipping.


All cats at the Ark are given flea treatments and wormers.

Room Three

Room Three is our favoured room for pairs or bigger family units of older cats admitted from a single rescue. It has windows, it's own sink unit, sofa and climbing frames.

So many of our successfully homed older cats had happy stays in this room.



The latest two cats homed from Room Three

were Meerkat and Jaguar, who got a great new family home together!



Jaguar to the left, with older bro Meerkat to the right, enjoying their stay shortly before leaving the Ark for the start of a great new adventure in their life. A home with a family who love them!





When admitted these two boys were unneutered and had bad flea and worm infestations.


They left neutered and had been double treated with anti-parasite courses.

Room Four




This is Room Four at Westgate Ark.





This room has a sofa, climbing frame, table and chairs, it's own sink and stogage cupboard.



This room provide an alternative reserve room suitable for most cats. It is the room that we like to keep in reserve where possible.


Westgate Ark is situated in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the Arthur's Hill part of Westgate Road.

For full directions on how to find us, please see our page entitled Finding Us!

Finding Us




From the City Centre, West, East or South.

Find the Westgate Baptist Church on Westgate Road. Turn off here!

Westgate Ark may take in stray, unwanted and feral cats where we can with a view to finding them the best new homes possible. However, we are asked to take in far more cats than we can care for with only limited resources and very small premises

Admissions, homing and all other enquiries should be directed to our email adress :

Our Homing Centre site on Prospect Place is currently closed to visitors other than those genuinely seeking to home a cat who have made an appointment to view, and all but a very few key volunteers. 


Our Website covers cats that seek good homes or help, cat stories, and useful information, but the site also includes content on various other non-cat issues such as climate change, enviromental issues and local information or stories.


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