Pudding has now found a loving family of his own.


We are delighted to report that Pudding has now left the Ark to begin a new life in Chopwell with a family of his own.


We had grown incredibly fond of this eccentric but lovable and affectionate mature cat over his long stay here and are thrilled to see him finally get a chance of a new life and home.


We are very grateful to the couple who came to visit him yesterday and have taken Pudding into their hearts, we wish them a great new life together!

Pudding (seen above with a volunteer) has been with us a long time now since being handed in as a stray cat living in a neighbourhood without a home of his own. Whether he ever had a home we are not sure. We think that most likely he did once, but whether he was lost, abandoned or his owner passed on we don't know.

When first in Pudding was unneutered but we had him neutered very early on in his stay here and he has gradually calmed down loads as at first he was quite a temperamental cat! Now is is very loving and just loves to spent ages cuddling up as close as he can to the person caring for him.

Pudding's favourite sopt when there is no one around for him to cuddle.


He often has a lot of sleep on his eyes and does suffer from conjunctivitus, for which the vets have given him ointment in the past.

An ideal home for Pudding who is getting on a little now, would be perhaps a home free of young children, and perhaps with someone t home a lot who can him him cuddles and look after him.


We do not know what Pudding would be like with other pets.



Pudding inspects a delivery of some food sent as a gift from Eli!


Yes, top quality cuisine! 


Pudding votes with his head in the bowl and thoroughly enjoys this kind gift.


Thanks Eli!

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