Vet Fund - Neutering

The Lynx and Billy are getting neutered today at Westway Vets in Fenham and we are very grateful to them for their support in neutering cats our rescued cats! (25/08/2021)

The West Road branch of Westway where hundreds of our cats have been neutered over the years by a caring and dedicated team of staff from Westway Vets.

Doubly lucky was 'the Lynx' who in August had a life threatening infection from cat bites to tail and paw, treated at Moorview.


Then when better has now been neutered by Westway Vets before getting a new home!

(August 21)

Vet Fund - Essential & Urgent Treatment

Essential and urgent veterinary cover for our rescue cats is kindly and generously provided by Moorview Veterinary Practice. 

Their highly skilled and knowledgable team have provided us with first class care and life saving proceedures on many, many cats over the years. 

Without doubt the Moorview veterinary team have improved the lives and often saved the lives of so many recued moggies!


Moorview Vets have several branches in the region, this is their Backworth branch where many life saving operations are performed.

If you would like to help with neutering of stray and homeless cats then please contact for a support form or download it from this website!

Our vet fund helps to provide veterinary treatment and medication for any ill, injured or stray cats that come into our care. It does not contribute to the day to day running of our homing centre.


Making a small, regular payment is the easiest and most effective way to help the sick or strays cats or kittens that come into  our care.


Quite often cats that come to us require some veterinary help which can be costly, especially as we recieve no funding and solely rely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters.


You can download the form below and return it to us at Westgate Ark Cat Homing Centre, Prospect Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6PH. Alternatively it can be handed in at your bank.

Veterinary Treatment Appeals

Scamp was admitted to the Ark after being allegedly pushed onto a random passerby on the street. He needs neutering, an umbilical hernia repaired along with worming and flea treatment.

Anyone wishing to make a small donation towards the cost of these procedures would be greatly appreciated!

(August 21)

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Vet Fund support form

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