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Introducing brothers Chedder & Onion and sister Pickle.

Bod 3


Bernicia at Westgate Ark, and now in her new home!


Scruffs (a feral queen) has today been returned to the Butchers Arms public house from where she was trapped. Sadly, she was too feral and though young, sadly she was well past the formative stage of development when one may stand a reasonable chance of domesticating a feral cat.
Still not all is bad news! As feral sites go Scruffs is so lucky to have a fairly expansive protected sheltered area away from wind, cars, dogs and many people. Pub owner Joan and her daughter watch over and care for the cats and put out fresh fish food for them every day. Really, Scruffs is very lucky to have this which is more than most feral sites offer. Also, (thanks again to Westway Vets in Fenham), Scruffs is now spayed so won't be bothered by tom cats any longer or giving birth again under a staircase!
Thanks to Emma, Cath and Sharon who cared for Scruffs during her stay with us and to all who donated food, treatments, towels and newspaper.







Gretch, Roo & Daisy









Jake is a neutered tom cat aged six years. He was admitted with three others adult cats who he has happily got on well with. They had lived with one elderly owner. He is a little shy of new people at first.





Due to Kylo's temprement he is not deemed suitable for homing around young children, but when he feels safe and secure he can get quite relaxed and playful!



Kylo relaxing in the arms of star Westgate Ark volunteer Sharon. Kylo is an intelligent but highly sensitive cat who loves attention and interaction but can get quite grumpy if he feels he is being ignored or neglected.  

Meerkat & Jaguar





Alfie has lived as an 'Alley Cat' for many, many years. He has been with us now for some months and we have had him neutered, for which we thank WestWay Vets in Fenham.

Alfie was extremely traumatised and it took many months of painstaking slow and careful handling to begin to get him to trust again. We are grateful our dedicated shy cat handler for all her long hours of perseverence with this cat who will now become almost animated with joy at mixing with people he has learned to trust.

Alfie now has a loving family and home in Benton.



Armondo and Storm now have a great new home together with a caring family. Storm has lost her stubbornly entrenched fear of people, and thanks to our wonderful supporters Armondo successfully underwent surgery at Moorview Vets to remove a life threatening polypse that was progressively stopping him from breathing!


Jazmine is a 14 year old tortoiseshell female who was aditted by us for emergency care at the request of Northumbria Police after her beloved owner passed away.

We have managed after a long period of care at the Ark to find Jazmine a home of her own with a lover of older cats. She now lives in the Slatyford area.



Amber and Chicca are sisters aged nine years of age. Chicca like most cats is a bag lover and will take advantage of any bag left unattended. She likes to play with toys. She likes to be rubbed under her chin!


Amber likes to sit on the window sill and watch the birds and spends a lot of time doing it.

She also likes attention and enjoys being stroked when she is not watching the birds.


Seb is large two year old neutered black & white tom cat who has lost his home through no fault of his own. Beatle is his brother, he also is black and white but is a little smaller.


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