Students at Marden High School lead the way in social initiative!

Marden High School have done rescued cats proud!

Students at Marden High School in North Shields, have raised a fantastic sum of money for cats rescued by Wesatgate Ark Cat Homing Centre.

They had a non uniform day, a raffle and a bake sale. The total sum raised was over £1000!

The students also collected lots of blankets, cat litter, cat food, and more for the cats at the ark.

Westgate Ark are extremely grateful to all the students, staff and parents at the Marden High School, and will be investing in four more brand new purpose built cat pens for use with newly rescued stray and feral cats.

The Ark will also be using some of this donation towards expanding our veterinary health programme to cover the micro chipping of all Ark cats in addition to the current, recently started but successful, vaccination programme for all Ark cats.

In particular, we would liker to thank Harriet Taylor, a student at Marden school who initiated and organised this event, the head of the school and teaching staff who supported her, and to Susan and Louise from the Ark who visited the school. ~admin (21/03/2017)

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