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The cat calendars are well designed and feature stunning

and original photos of some of the Westgate Ark cats over the past years.

They can be started at any time, during any year, and

still be used for at least one or more years. Most people

love them and they really are not hard to sell!


If you could sell any to family, friends or colleagues, then

please do help by taking a few. If you have a retail outlet

such as shop, business, etc and could display some for

us, then this would be even better!

Please contact us by email or phone. We would be

eager to hear from you!


  • 13 leaf - full colour
  • All Westgate Ark cats
  • Universal, so use any year
  • Can be started mid year
  • All funds go to Westgate Ark
  • 13 main cat photos and 24 smaller insets
  • Limited edition



Remember, every calendar sold is a step closer to opening our own neutering clinic!


Our cat homing centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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