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last updated on 13/07/2024


Max was surrendered at the Ark a week ago.


We had him neutered the following day but the vets were concerned that he looked a little jaundiced.

Due to the fact that we are currently overcrowded at the Ark Max had to be taken home with one of our volunteers.Although this can only be a temporary measure, Max has been spotlessly clean, very well mannered and behaved as a gentle and affectionate tom. 


He loves to sit quietly on a lap and eats whatever given without being greedy at all!


Yes, Max is getting in and looks like he has been round the block a few times.

He may well have underlying health issues but somewhere with a loving owner, in doors only would be fine, would be a great way for him to spend his twilight days.

Six rescued from Elswick

We have six rescued from one property in Elswick last Saturday.
They include two mothers three older kittens at 3 months and one a little younger.
Please come and meet them, they all need good homes!

Surrendered by a pensioner

Last Saturday Westgate Ark admitted a mother and three youngsters from the Heaton area, the cats belonged to a pensioner who couldn't cope with them.
We are quite overcrowded at the moment so they are having to be kept in a pen, which is something that we do not normally do, unless a cat is ill or feral. There are three kittens aged 3 months, one has an umbilical hernia. We are looking for individual homes for them.


Bambi is an affectionate and sweet natured five year old spayed black & white queen. She has never lived with other cats and finds them frightening but loves people. Although initially shy, this doesn't last and then she is a great family pet. She is spotlessly clean and has been spayed.

Neasha & Lady Grey

These two queens were two of eleven cats rescued from a colony in Qatar that was facing poisoning by the authorities. Before being allowed to enter the UK these two cats have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and had their bloods screened to rule out most of the main diseases that can affect cats.
Both these two lovely cats passed all the laboratory tests with flying colours and as a result should offer a great reassurance to anyone adopting them, far more than can be offered with most homings.
If you are looking for a pair of cats, then please do come and meet these two. The Ark is on Prospect Place, (besides the Kube Law sign and besides the Westgate Baptist Church).


Rescued from living in a rubish dump and getting repeatedly impregnated by unneutered toms. Westgate Ark have now had this queen spayed and are hoping to find her a nice home.


Max, recently admitted to the Ark, was found by our vets to be very jaundiced, indicating liver failure or a major disease. We need to find him somewhere safe for respite or palliative care.

Luna & Holly

Now homed

Holly and Luna have very different personalities. However both settled in really quickly.
Both are really loving cats and enjoy human interaction. 
They also interacted with our dog really well, and would approach him with no fear.
Not one of them has shown any anger or caused any scratching problems on furniture, choosing to use a purpose post. Litter tray no issues either.
Although the difference in personalities, they are very close as sisters and interact and play together a lot of the time. They also will sleep in the same area and lie in the sun together. 
They are best as a pair in my opinion.
They are perfect house cat companions and we are finding our home is lacking without them.

Hansel and Gretal

Now homed

Recently admitted siblings nicknamed Hansel and Gretal have been recently admitted to the Ark.
They were also admitted by and were found to have an extensive flea problem for which they have begun treatment. The two friendly and sweet natured youngsters are probably between ten and twelve weeks of age.


Young adult cat rescued by volunteer Sharon on 25/06/2024, she has named him Tom. He is quite frightened, but gentle and visibly relaxes when cuddled and fussed over.
We have booked him in for neutering this coming Monday 01/07/2024, thanks to our Veterinary Fund which is managed by volunteer Emma.
Hopefully he can be homed soon afterwards. We have also given him a pipette of Frontline anti-flea treatment on admission.
The Ark will be open tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 27/06/2024) if anyone would like to come and see him either with a view to homing him or donating any food or cat litter for him. We are at NE4 6PH (next to the Kube Law signage on Prospect Place).


Now homed

A lovely laid back queen cat rescued from living in back gardens and having several litters outdoors. Ruby's latest brood, now nearly ready for homing, will be her last as Westgate Ark are getting her spayed this coming week, and by the weekend of 25th May, she will be ready to find a loving home and family of her own.


She is a great cat and deserves some looking after herself now!



Sweet little Mabel was found abandoned in a cardboard box with kittens just a few days old. They were brought into the Ark by one of our volunteers and she and her kittens have been cared for here for the past two months.

Mabel has now been spayed by Westway Vets and personally microchipped by Emma from our Veterinary Fund, and is now her motherhood job done, Mabel is seeking someone to fuss over her. 


Bruno has now been homed!


Titi has now been homed!


Saffy has now been homed!

Saffy is a fourteen year old cat who has spent the last month at least of the winter sheltering in a structure in someone's back garden in Fenham. She is chipped but the previous owner can not be traced so far, possibly they might have been an older person who has passed on.


Saffy is such a sweet and gentle natured cat, all volunteers at the Ark adore her! After two weeks if she hasn't been claimed we will be looking for a new carer and home for her.

Kittens at the Ark

If you are interested in offering a home to a rescue kitten then please contact us. WE DO NOT BREED KITTENS but from time to time do rescue kittens and find them good homes!

All feral queens are spayed by the Ark before being either returned to the original site or placed somewhere better.Before being homed the kittens are all treated against parasites and will have developed to a safe age and weight.

All kittens homed by the Ark will be done so with strict neutering, vaccination and microchipping agreements in place, and veterinary insurance provision is also strongly recommended.

The 'Beer Garden' Klan

The 'Beer Garden' klan were rescued a few weeks ago from Chester-le-Street. The mother often sleeps around the back of the pub and is visible from their beer garden. She has had kittens there previously and sadly those kittens grew up as feral cats.

These kittens are now really thriving, they are playful, adventuress and very comfortable around people.


All are black and white but have real character and the nicest of natures.

Offering a home to our cats

Westgate Ark is operating again but at reduced capacity and is no longer open to visitors without an appointment. 


Contact to Westgate Ark should be by email to


Please be aware that only a limited amount of cats can be admitted and helped by us!

Recently Homed

Homing applications should be made via email by the person seeking to adopt and keep the cat. Please email


All cats homed by Westgate Ark are homed at our sole discretion. 

Cats may only be viewed through an arranged appointment!

Items currently needed to help us care for our cats!

Cat litter, virkon, newpaper, kitchen roll/blue roll, flea treatment, wormers.

Anyone kindly donating any of the above items should please email us first to arrange a time to drop them off as the Ark is no longer manned around the clock.

Feral cats

We are always looking for home offers for feral cats. Feral cats aren't just strays, but cats that have had little or no human contact. We generally trap them from around the city and have them neutered and ear tipped. This isn't cruel, it just indicates that the cat has already been trapped and neutered.

Rather than putting them back on the streets we find these cats suitable homes, usually on farms/ stables/ smallholdings, where they can happily live outside, but have someone give a daily supply of fresh food & water and somewhere sheltered to sleep.

If you can offer a place for a feral cat please contact us!

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