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last updated on 18/05/2024


A lovely laid back queen cat rescued from living in back gardens and having several litters outdoors. Ruby's latest brood, now nearly ready for homing, will be her last as Westgate Ark are getting her spayed this coming week, and by the weekend of 25th May, she will be ready to find a loving home and family of her own.


She is a great cat and deserves some looking after herself now!


Luna & Holly

Now homed!

Luna (sleeping on the pillow) and Holly (sleeping on the blanket) are sisters aged eighteen months. They are close and have lost there home through no fault of their own. The two girls are indoor cats and are clean around the house and are used to having young children around. They are also used to a family dog visiting.


Bruno is a lovely natured male cat who will need homing soon, however he does have some health issues with three broken teeth being top of the list. He is lso awaiting results from a blood test.


Tito is a loving and friendly nursing mother of two kittens. 

She will be looking for a good home in around July 2024, once her kittens are old enough to be homed. 

The Ovalteenies

Now homed!

These little orphans are in the creche at the Ark, they are progressing well but wont be big enough to leave the Ark for a while yet!
We have nicknamed them 'the Ovalteenies' after the famous children's club.

Three cats together

Now homed!

These three young adult cats lost their home through no fault of their own.

The one in the enclosed cat bed is a queen and the other two are toms.

All are friendly, soft and gentled natured, the toms are particularly confident and cuddly!


Sophie has now been homed!

Sophie is a six month old queen who has come from the same home s Luna and Holly above. Like them she has lost her home through no fault of her own. She is clean around the house, an indoor cat and is used to young children and a family dog.


Max has now been homed!

Max is an eight year old neutered tom cat who has lost his home through no fault of his own. He is definitely better suited to being the only house cat with a safe space to go outdoors such as a catio.
He adores catnip and dreamies and has been eating Felix wet pouches for tea and Purina biscuits for breakfast. He has recently been checked by a vet who was happy with his condition but that his front canine has cracked and will need taking out as it has turned brown.
He isn't too comfortable with noises such as the front door opening and noises outside startle him a bit. He isn't keen on being stroked from the head down to the body yet.


Kane has now been homed!

A black domestic tom cat stuck out in gardens in the Dumpling Hall area over the winter. He has been fed by neighbours, and eventually trapped and admitted to the Ark.


Kane is a playful and sweet natured little boy but is quite frightened initially and in a bit of pain due to the amount of sores all over his body. Within a few days of admission we have now had him neutered, de-matted and treated his skin. 


This boy loves his food and soons gets to like and trust asnyone who feeds him! He should make a loyal family pet!

Lucky & Bobby

Lucky has now been homed!

Bobby has now been homed!

Two eight year old boys who have lost their home through no fault of the own.

Lucky is very affectionate, gregarious are very gentle and confident.

The other brother Bobby, takes a lot longer to trust people

Admitted on 31/03/2024, these two neutered brother are just settling in.


Jim has now been homed!

Jim was rescued along side sister Rosie after having been apparently abandoned outside a bungalow in a rural area back in January. He is likely only about six months old and seems to be a pleasant cat who is currently little traumatised.

We think that after a little period to decompress in, Jim might be suitable to join a caring family or single person as a loving family cat!


Please do cxome and visit Jim if you think that you might like to offer him a home!


Max has now been homed!

(Photo to be added)

Max is a neutered eight year old domestic cat who has lost his home through no fault of his own but because his owner needs to travel away to get work and can't take Max with him.

He is a little shy at first but does come round when given a chance to relax and trust people.


Rosie has now been homed!

Rosie was rescued alongside Jim. She too is a lovely pleasant cat though a little btraumatised by her recent experiences. Currently, we can't put Rosie up for homing as we suspect that she my be pregnant.


Maudy has now been homed!

Recently admitted cat Maudy is looking for a great new home!
Maudy is good with people but has in the past been quite bullying with other cats and also is not keen on dogs. With our volunteers however she really is very sweet natured!
She is a large cat and really needs to be kept away from treats. Maudy is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She is also very clean and would make a lovely loyal companion to the right person!


Bandit has now been homed!

Bandit is a two year old black & white domestic short-haired queen. She is initially a little shy but quite loving when she gets to trust someone. She has lived with children in a noisy household.

We have Bandit booked to be spayed shortly.


Smokey has now been homed!

Just admitted, Smokey is a short haired black and white tom cat aged six months. He is used to noise and children.

Copperfield needs a home on a farm or in stables!

Copperfield who is the feral cat and is is particularly nervous around people, we are looking for a suitable placement for her on a farm or stables where she will be fed daily and kept an eye on. Somewhere warm to sleep would be a great spot for her.


Saffy has now been homed!

Saffy is a fourteen year old cat who has spent the last month at least of the winter sheltering in a structure in someone's back garden in Fenham. She is chipped but the previous owner can not be traced so far, possibly they might have been an older person who has passed on.


Saffy is such a sweet and gentle natured cat, all volunteers at the Ark adore her! After two weeks if she hasn't been claimed we will be looking for a new carer and home for her.

Mr. Ash

Mr. Ash has now been homed!

Mr. Ash is a six year old grey cat who has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is a very friendly cat. Although having lived contentedly with two other cats Bella (his sister) and the younger Mr. Amare, he will likely be quite happy being homed alone as they were not really close.


This cat has a;lways been kept as an indoor cat and fed on dried food.


Bertie has now been homed!

A delightful young boy brought surrendered by an elderly person who needed help in finding him a good permanent home. Is is perhaps four to five months old.

Mr. Amare

Mr. Amare has now been homed

This is a very friendly tabby & white two year old tom cat. He is very calm natured and has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Sadly, this beautiful cat has lost his home through no fault of his own.

Previously he had lived contentedly with two other family cats but is quite happy on his own as though they peacefully co-existed they were not close.

He has always been an indoor cat and is quite good with children.


Bella has now been homed!

Bella is a six year old female who is black and tan in colour (dark tortoiseshell). She has been spayed, and is also vaccinated and microchipped.

Bella has always been an indoor cat and is the sister of Mr. Ash. Although a little shy initially is doesn't take much her her to warm to people and become very friendly. She has always been fed on dried food.

Although she has lived quite happily with two other cats (Mr. Ash and Mr. Amare), they were not particularly close and she would likely be most content being homed as an only cat.



Tigger has now been homed!

A male tabby cat who has lost his home through no fault. He is affectionate and friendly and just needs neutering.


Daisy has now been homed!


Mittens has now been homed!

Two year old neutered male cat. Mittens is usually quite  pleasant and loving cat although having only been admitted to the Ark just a few days ago after a long car journey he is uncharacteristicly a little subdued at present. Mittens is vaccinated and chipped.

Kittens at the Ark

If you are interested in offering a home to a rescue kitten then please contact us. WE DO NOT BREED KITTENS but from time to time do rescue kittens and find them good homes!

All feral queens are spayed by the Ark before being either returned to the original site or placed somewhere better.Before being homed the kittens are all treated against parasites and will have developed to a safe age and weight.

All kittens homed by the Ark will be done so with strict neutering, vaccination and microchipping agreements in place, and veterinary insurance provision is also strongly recommended.

The 'Beer Garden' Klan

The 'Beer Garden' klan were rescued a few weeks ago from Chester-le-Street. The mother often sleeps around the back of the pub and is visible from their beer garden. She has had kittens there previously and sadly those kittens grew up as feral cats.

These kittens are now really thriving, they are playful, adventuress and very comfortable around people.


All are black and white but have real character and the nicest of natures.

Update - Bella has now been spayed and after nine days recuperation returned to the beer garden at the Butchers Arm's in Chesterle-street where staff and customers welcome her back and have build her a new shelter!

Bernicia's brood

Westgate Ark rescued Bernicia who appears to be a feral cat from a small outbuilding on land near to Hadrian's wall area.

The landowners spotted her with kitten's just hours old having given birth in cardboard box on a storage unit.



Bernicia and family - were rescued from near to Hadrian's Wall.


As the kittens were new born we took the decision to leave them and their mother in the outhouse for over a week before risking trapping the mother and relocating them all.

We left the kittens in their cardboard box until we had successfully trapped the mother who was out hunting!

The landowner called us to help as we had many years ago placed three feral cats with him. The last cat diappeared only recently.

Once back at Westgate Ark the family were put into a feral cat pen due which is preferable when the mother is not a domestic or handleable cat.

This way the mother has somewhere safe to shelter when she wants it but wander outside when no one is around.

Update - Bernicia has now been spayed (thanks to Westways Vets) and after a period of recuperation will probably be returned be to the agricultural site that she was rescued from.

Offering a home to our cats

Westgate Ark is operating again but at reduced capacity and is no longer open to visitors without an appointment. 


Contact to Westgate Ark should be by email to


Please be aware that only a limited amount of cats can be admitted and helped by us!

Recently Homed

Homing applications should be made via email by the person seeking to adopt and keep the cat. Please email


All cats homed by Westgate Ark are homed at our sole discretion. 

Cats may only be viewed through an arranged appointment!

Items currently needed to help us care for our cats!

Cat litter, virkon, newpaper, kitchen roll/blue roll, flea treatment, wormers.

Anyone kindly donating any of the above items should please email us first to arrange a time to drop them off as the Ark is no longer manned around the clock.

Feral cats

We are always looking for home offers for feral cats. Feral cats aren't just strays, but cats that have had little or no human contact. We generally trap them from around the city and have them neutered and ear tipped. This isn't cruel, it just indicates that the cat has already been trapped and neutered.

Rather than putting them back on the streets we find these cats suitable homes, usually on farms/ stables/ smallholdings, where they can happily live outside, but have someone give a daily supply of fresh food & water and somewhere sheltered to sleep.

If you can offer a place for a feral cat please contact us!

Rescues rooms can be sponsored by individuals or organisations!

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